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Praveen Nair

👋 Hey! I'm Praveen, a second-year master's student in Computer Science and Engineering at UC San Diego, researching machine learning fairness and the responsible use of algorithms in society.

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I’m currently applying for PhD programs in and around computer science for Fall 2024 admission!

I’m currently advised by Professor David Danks of the Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute (HDSI) and Department of Philosophy at UCSD. My thesis research deals with using active learning in fairness-sensitive decisions that suffer from unobserved counterfactuals, establishing how decisionmakers can benefit epistemically in the long run by observing points that were historically unlikely to be observed. I’m also currently a teaching assistant in HDSI, supervising the senior capstone course.

Prior to my graduate study, I was a data science major at UC San Diego 🔱, graduating with minors in history and liguistics, and a concentration in political science. They wouldn’t let me triple minor.

Outside the classroom, I was the sports editor of The UCSD Guardian, I was (and continue to be) in UCSD’s quizbowl club, and I spent a summer making a documentary about UCSD’s history. In my free time, I’m watching as many sports as I can, reading books at a glacial pace, and reading Wikipedia pages.

🧑‍💻 Research Interests

If and when we use algorithms to make important social decisions, what will go wrong, and how can we find out?

Specifically, that includes:

📝 Publication(s)

Engagement in online learning: student attitudes and behavior during COVID-19. Hollister, B., Nair, P.*, Hill-Lindsay, S., & Chukoskie, L. Frontiers in Education, May 2022.

* co-first-author

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